BlockBeats 2019!

The first B2B Blockchain Conference with the reality check!
While 2017 was the year of crowdfunding, 2018 is the year of building.

In 2019 the core element of the BlockBeats Blockchain Conference will be the presentation of sophisticated and established products and applications in the market. We are seeing tremendous momentum in this sector, and therefore we are certain that the necessary critical mass of marketable solutions will be achieved in the market 2019 to present meaningful Blockchain applications for business from the key industries such as insurance, supply chain, government & media and finance.

Join the discussion and let us explore the best solutions together.

Whats next ?!

Is Blockchain right for my business? How will Blockchain transform my industry? Who are the right partners who understand my business needs? Those are just a few of the thousand unanswered questions around the world and we at BlockBeats are eager to find the best answers for you. That is why we are creating a B2B Blockchain conference with the “reality check”.  Find out today how we can create this conference together!

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Of course, we have a blockchain product that is working already and we cannot wait to show it to new strategic business partners.

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Yes! We know that Blockchain will be the technology of the future and want to support establishing this conference in Munich.

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Finally! A real, dedicated B2B Blockchain conference in Munich, Germany. I want to see whats new.

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“Blockchain solves the problem of manipulation. When I speak about it in the West, people say they trust Google, Facebook, or their banks. But the rest of the world doesn’t trust organizations and corporations that much — I mean Africa, India, the Eastern Europe, or Russia. It’s not about the places where people are really rich. Blockchain’s opportunities are the highest in the countries that haven’t reached that level yet.”
– Vitalik Buterin, inventor of Ethereum

The BlockBeats Conference

At BlockBeats you will learn from the brightest minds how they successfully integrated and utilized blockchain technologies into their business. We look beyond ICO pitches and display working blockchain products and services from around the world.